Sumter County Farmers' Market :: Established and Chartered 1937


Established and chartered in 1937 by local Farmers to sell vegetables and cattle. Located in the heart of Florida ... We're the oldest and largest flea market in Florida and we are listed under the Top Ten Tourist Attractions in the State. The Market covers over 40 acres; we charge no admission fee and parking on our grounds is free.



Open every Monday

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Sumter County Farmers' Market, Inc.


Don't forget to visit the Wee Flea!


Initially, farm families use to sell/trade "junk" items that they no longer needed. In the early 1950'the market expanded to include new merchandise and the "junk" items were now considered to be antiques and collectibles.

Many of the founders of the Market still sell fresh produce grown on local family farms in the expansive new vegetable building. So make sure to visit!

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